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Sun, Oct

Telling the Cadets about the Causes of Tragedies and the Heroism of Firefighters

The cadets of the faculty of militia met with the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Attention is paid to the work of firefighters and the prevention of emergencies.

In order to prevent violations of fire safety rules, as well as to train actions in the event of emergencies in places of mass stay of people, a meeting of cadets with the head of the life safety sector of the center of propaganda and socio-cultural activities of the Minsk City Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Irina Ulasevich was held.

The tragedy in Kemerovo served as an impetus for numerous inspections of organizations by the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus. The results of these inspections are disappointing: in most organizations, a huge number of violations in the field of fire safety. In this regard, the Ministry of Emergency Situations began to actively carry out preventive work to prevent emergencies.

Irina Pavlovna began her conversation with statistics for 2016-2017. The dangerous season did not have time to start, but in January 2018, 535 fires took place, in which 55 people died, in February - 529 fires, 66 dead. The employee noted that the main causes of the tragedies are violations of fire safety rules in the premises, violation of the rules for the operation of electrical appliances, violation of the rules for evacuation in case of fire. The topic of behavior was raised in the summer, which is the most dangerous.

During the meeting the cadets watched a number of training videos aimed at the prevention of fire safety. Irina Ulasevich explained the action algorithms for evacuation in the event of a fire, drawing the cadets' attention to various aspects. The recommendations of the specialist supplemented the knowledge of cadets on the prevention of emergencies.

An employee of the Ministry of Emergency Measures invited future officers to visit the Fire and Emergency Rescue Museum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where material evidence of history and culture in the field of fighting fire is collected. More than 5000 exhibits comprehensively cover the history of the formation and development of the firefighting business and allow us to discover various pages of the heroic activity of previous generations of rescuers, always aimed at protecting and saving lives.

Dmitriy Petrubertsev, Daniil Gorevoy, Sergei Kazakov, 2nd year of study.
Photo by Sergey Kazakov