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Sun, Oct

Cadets Faculty of Militia Met With Olympic Champion

Students of the Faculty of Militia met with the Belarusian handball player, Olympic champion Andrey Barbashinsky.

During the conversation, he told to the cadets about his difficult life, he came into the sport, and despite the difficulties, overcoming obstacles, won. He spoke about the preparations for the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Andrew S. told future officers like him during foreign career four times suggested to change nationality (Spanish, Russian, Hungarian and German), which has always refused. For students, this action is a manifestation of true patriotism. He now holds a high position: Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian head of the Handball Federation. It is worth noting that after the end of their sports career Andrey S. began to work on the mattress factory workers. Will take a hard path he became director of the enterprise already.

- Team sport - the most difficult. It all depends on the cohesion of the team. This I can compare with you, the people in uniform. In order to efficiently and effectively carry out the tasks, you should always work together - said the Olympic champion.

- These meetings are very important to us. I am glad that there is an opportunity to meet with such a versatile man, in whose rich life experience and also significant progress in the sport. The path that he had to go, shows us how boundless possibilities of man. After such meetings, there is an additional motivation to move forward, - shared his impressions of the cadet Monich.

Andrew Barbashinsky won the gold medal of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in the unified CIS team in 1992. Honored Master of Sports, Champion Games XXV Olympiad in Barcelona (Spain) in 1992 in the composition of the CIS team, junior world champion in 1989, a bronze medalist at the World Junior Championships in 1991, champion of the USSR in 1989, silver medalist of the USSR Championship 1990 ., the bronze medalist of the USSR in 1991, silver medalist of the 1992 CIS championship, winner of the USSR Cup 1989 play for a club of Belarus (SKA Minsk) - 1988-1993, 1994-1995, Spain ( "Pines". Alka), Hungary ( "Foteks" Veszprem), Germany ( "Hameln", "Emsdetten") - 1996-2001.

Dmitriy Peterburtsev, Daniil Gorevoy, 2nd year of study.
Photo by Sergey Kazakov