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Sun, Oct

On the Eve of Easter Cadets Met with a Priest

On the eve of Easter cadets met with Archpriest Sergiy Yevtushuk.

In connection with the upcoming Orthodox Easter holiday, the cadets of the Faculty of Militia met with the clergyman of the parish of the Church of All Saints, Archpriest Sergiy Yevtushuk. The event was organized by FM together with the secretary of the NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Antonina Borshchun.

Archpriest Sergius told the cadets about the historical aspects of the Old Testament, explained the significance of the lines of scripture, and also provided spiritual support to listeners in epaulets. His reasoning about good and evil, about light and darkness concerning sins, along with the history of Easter, will be remembered for a long time by the cadets. The priest answered all the questions of the cadets.

- Spiritual development is no less important aspect in the formation of the personality, it is simply necessary for the future officer, - shared the impressions from the meeting cadet 2 "A" course of the faculty of militia of the ordinary financial militia Viktor Khramenkov. - Holding such meetings proves once again that in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs much attention is also paid to spiritual development. On behalf of the cadets, I want to thank the course management and the BRSM of the MVD Academy for an interesting meeting.

Such meetings are an integral part of the formation of cadets and the formation of a person with a broad outlook and knowledge in many spheres of life.

Daniil Gorevoy, Dmitry Piterburtsev, 2nd year of study.
Photo by the faculty of militia