Fri, Nov

A Bright Congratulation: the Faculty of Militia Celebrated a Professional Holiday

Opening the solemn event, Dmitry Khantsevich the head of the faculty warmly congratulated the staff and cadets on the Day of the Belarusian Militia.

A memorable concert was held at the faculty of militia on the eve of a professional holiday. The ceremony of awarding was traditionally held, during which the activists of the primary organization of the BRSM of the Academy of the MIA were noted too. The secretary of the primary organization of the Academy Antonina Borshchun, on behalf of the Minsk city organization of the youth union, presented diplomas and certificates to the managers and cadets of the faculty.

The concert program starts with the performance of cadets Alexei Gesov and Dmitry Lebedev with the song "Law and Order". Head of the club of the faculty Igor Smirnov presented a touching song "Brother" to the audience. A dance was prepared by cadet of the 1st grade Pavel Kravtsov with his charming companion Anastasia Tereshko. The students of the Specialized Lyceum of the MIA and students of the Minsk State Medical College presented their numbers.

The head of the Academy of the MIA and Major-General Vladimir Bachila visited the faculty celebration. After the concert he congratulated all people on the Day of Militia and wished them professional success.

Nikolay Parfenyuk, 1st grade