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Sun, Oct

The Veteran - about His Work as a Driver for Ministers and His Service in the Zone of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Meetings with veterans are a good tradition the Academy of the MIA. So, cadets of the faculty of militia visited Grigory Borisovich Cherkas.

On the eve of the Day of militia cadets of the 2nd 'A' grade of the faculty of militia visited Grigory B. Cherkas veteran of internal affairs agency, lieutenant colonel in retirement. The veteran greeted cadets warmly and shared his memories of the profession during talk with them. Such meetings allow young people to get from the older generation invaluable experience and the most important militia traditions.

Grigory Borisovich began his service in the internal troops of the MIA of the USSR as a telegraph operator in Nizhny Novgorod. At the end of a service in the army he returned to Minsk. He occupied the positions of a driver, a senior driver in the policlinic of the MIA. The authorities always noted that he is a best worker. Over time, Grigory Cherkas was invited to the militia service.

In 1980, the law-enforcer took part in the protection of public order at the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow - the leadership appreciated his professionalism. Among the best drivers of the MIA of the BSSR the employee was sent to the first in the Soviet Union courses on extreme driving to Estonia. The graduate was expected to be a head of the department of the same courses in Belarus, but the program was canceled. Grigory Borisovich worked as a driver for the MIA of the BSSR. In 1985, the employee entered the Frunze Minsk Special Secondary School of the MIA of the USSR.

The events in Chernobyl in 1986 also influenced the fate of Grigory Borisovich - he has been sent to the exclusion zone for the protection of public order for three years. For courage, heroism, high professionalism in the performance of service for eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, he was awarded state and departmental medals and diplomas of Belarus and Ukraine.

Since 1990, Gregory Cherkas performed his service as security officer, from 1999  he worked in Training Center of the of MIA of the Republic of Belarus as Deputy Chief of Logistics, and in 2006he retired.

Maxim Monich, 2nd "A" course