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Sun, Oct

A Holiday of Humor: the Final Games of KVN Were Held at the Faculty of Militia

The final of the games of the cheerful and resourceful club gathered the best teams of the Faculty of Militia. The New Year theme of the performances created a festive atmosphere.

In December, a selection round of KVN games was held at the police department. In the difficult struggle among the 11 teams, four best ones were identified: "Kefirchik" 1 "A" course, "Detachment of Special Mood (OMON)" 3 "B" course, "Khutorskie" 2 "B" course and "Good Morning! Freely!" 3 "B" course, which became finalists.

The final was held on the eve of Christmas and consisted of four competitions. Three competitions: "Welcome", "Homework" and "Voice" were prepared by participants in advance. In addition, cadets funny improvised, answering the questions of other teams, jury members and spectators in the contest "Warm-up"

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In the performances of the jury's teams, the humor, artistry of the performers, observance of the rules, correspondence to the theme of the contest, the stage culture were assessed. The prizes were distributed as follows. The third place was taken by the OMON team. On the second step of the podium the team 2 "B" of the course "Khutorskie" stopped. The victory was won by team 3 "B" of the course "Good morning! Free! ". Each spectator expressed his admiration, and the cadets who took part in the game were able to reveal their talents and show real intellectual humor.

Sergey Kazakov,
2 "A" course.
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