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Sun, Oct

Review-Competition of Amateur Performances at the Faculty of Militia

The creative forum was so incendiary that even the Head of the Faculty played a song with a guitar - he supported talented young people.

The review-contest of amateur art gathered the first courses of the Faculty of Militia. Participants presented their talents in various nominations, including vocals, dance and author's song.

The Head of the Faculty colonel of militia Dmitry Khantsevich was headed the jury. The participants were also assessed by the Deputy Head of the Faculty for work with personnel, colonel of militia Oleg Duvanov, the assistant to the Head of the Faculty for work with youth, the captain of militia Vladimir Wozniak, the secretary of the "primary" BRSM Antonina Borshchun and the head of the club Igor Smirnov.

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Each course presented a program that allowed young people to express themselves in various categories. As a result of the competition, the collective creative work of 1 "B" course was recognized as the best. Among the vocalists, cadet 1 "A" of the course Arseniy Polyak, who performed one of the popular songs, excelled. The best bard was cadet 1 "B" course Kirill Gorelov with the song of his own composition "My Tears" (English "My Tears"). Undoubtedly, dances were memorable. In this category, the team won 1 "B" course.

At the end of the competition the students expected a pleasant surprise. Dmitry Khantsevich sang the song of his own composition "Dom" under the guitar, thus supporting the participants.

Pavel Vasiliev,
1 "B" course.
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