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Sun, Oct

The Cadets of the Faculty of Militia Helped the Elderly People

Cadets of 3 "B" and 4 "B" courses of the Faculty of Militia provided assistance to elderly people living in the Special Home for Veterans, Old People and Disabled Persons No. 1.

So, the social services institution, whose activity is aimed at organizing and rendering social services to citizens in a difficult life situation, visited the asset of courses. The guys helped elderly people in the household: they repaired broken things, cleaned up rooms, brought food. The students did not ignore a single request of single people with whom they communicated. Those, in turn, thanked the future officers for their assistance.

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Cadets Violetta Malysh and Ilya Shalik shared their impressions:

- From the first days of training at the Academy of MIA, course officers and teachers teach us to approach the requests of people not from a formal point of view, but rather to be imbued with problems of citizens, with sincere empathy to provide assistance. Therefore, we immediately responded to the offer to help the residents of the special house and fulfilled their requests, understanding the significance of this deed.

Cadets have expressed a desire in the near future to come and help again.