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Wed, Dec

Automobile Inspectors Told About the Profession for Young Officers

Inspectors of the traffic police of the administration of the Octyabr'skogo i Sovetskogo districts of Minsk told to cadets about the profession and recalled the importance of compliance with traffic rules.

The meeting was held at the faculty of militia. Speeches of practitioners in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are not just a good tradition, it is a necessity. In conversations about the profession cadets supplement the knowledge gained in the lessons and prepare for service in the units. It is appropriate to recall the words of the famous mathematician: "The theory without practice is dead and barren, practice without theory is useless and harmful" (Pabnutius Chebyshev, XIX century).

At the present meeting, inspectors of the GAI, captains of militia S.Voronin and O.Shchegolev told to future colleagues about the specifics of the service, but at the same time reminded of the importance of observing the rules of the road. The students clearly answered the questions of the practitioners and in turn questioned the officers about the service with interest. At the end of the meeting the cadets and guests made a photo for memory and wished each other success in the service and big stars on epaulettes.

Dmitry Gruzinsky,
3 "B" course.
Photo by Vadim Chernikov