Fri, Nov

In honor of the holiday - the primacy of the faculty in basketball

An annual basketball championship was held at the Faculty of Militia, dedicated to the Day of the formation of Department for Combatting Economic Crimes.

This is the fourth year the competition gathered the most athletic teams of Faculty of Militia. This time 9 teams took the floor. The competition was held not according to the rules of classic basketball, but in the «three by three» format. The peculiarity of streetball is that half of the playing field with one basketball basket is occupied and only three players are on the team.

In the final of this tournament, the athletes of 2 «A» and 3 «A» courses are met. In a bitter struggle, second-year students won. Third place was taken by the debutants of the competition - team  of the 1 «A» course, which declared itself at the qualifying stage, having won the silver medalists of last year - team of the 3 «B» course.