Wed, Jun

The Faculty gathered 11 teams at the KVN games

On the eve of the New Year, the Faculty Of Militia held KVN games. The traditional competitions gathered teams of various courses.

The most active and creative guys took the stage to win the prize of cheerful and resourceful. The games began with a greeting, followed by other humorous performances. Thanks to incendiary jokes, all three third-year teams reached the finals, as well as squad of 4 «B» courses.

The participants of the final stage of KVN competed in the ability to stay on the stage and answer tricky questions, demonstrated their musical talent and creativity in working with videos. Four competitions gave the audience a positive charge. According to the jury, representatives of the 3 «B» course coped with the tasks best of all. The second place was taken by the «Detachment of special mood youth» of the 4th «B» course. Three winners completed humorists 3 «Б» course.