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Ceremonial Ritual for the Delivery of Officers' Shoulder Straps

On the eve of the ceremonial ritual of the release of officers of the Academy, the faculties handed in lieutenant shoulder straps and breastplates about the graduation from the university.

So, on the morning of June 28, officers' shoulder straps and breastplates of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were handed over to young law enforcers at the police department. The event was attended by the heads of the faculty and courses, representatives of the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee.

Traditionally, the solemn ritual began with the raising of the National Flag of the Republic of Belarus - the mission was entrusted to the excellent students of studies Andrei Ivanov and Nadezhda Kasperovich.

Welcoming the newly-minted lieutenants, the head of the department, Colonel of Militia Dmitry Khantsevich wished them success in the forthcoming service, and most importantly, with honor and dignity, carry the rank of officer-graduate of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then orders were issued for the conferment of the first officer ranks.

The cadet of the 1 "V" course Evgeny Korostik on behalf of the entire youth team, which has no more semester ahead, congratulated the perpetrators of the celebration with a significant event in their life. In turn, with words of farewell to the younger comrades, graduate Alexander Samak, who also expressed gratitude to the management and staff of the faculty.

The festive event ended with the passage of a solemn march, which symbolizes farewell to the faculty.