Fri, Nov

Glubokoye - a small town with a long history

Within the framework of the Year of the Motherland, the cadets of the Fuculty of militia visited the sights of the city of Glubokoye on a day off.

Glubokoye - a small town 160 km from Minsk. This quiet and very beautiful place has a very rich history.

A trip to the sights of the city was entertaining: ancient temples, museums, military memorials. It turned out that the time allotted for the excursion was sorely lacking, so as not to rush to inspect everything. Therefore, it was decided to return to the city once again. In the meantime, managed to visit the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. The temple, which for its existence was the embodiment of two religions: Catholicism, and then Orthodoxy. In it, the cadets were lucky enough to walk along ancient catacombs a kilometer long and climb the bell tower, which opened a wonderful panorama of the city and its environs.

Then, the future militiamen visited the Holy Trinity Church, the construction of which began in the 17th century under the auspices of Voivode Jozef Korsak. After the reconstruction of the XVIII century and to this day it is a Catholic church, executed in the style of the late Baroque. There is an opinion that Napoleon visited him when he was on our lands.

After the tour, the cadets went to the recreation center, which is located on the shore of Lake Glubokoye, five kilometers from the city surrounded by pine forests.

The atmosphere of appeasement, fresh air, communication with friends, discussion of the most interesting places in the city and, of course, dinner in nature, gave unforgettable impressions, giving a burst of vitality and a desire to move on.