Wed, Jun

Weekends in the Naroch National Park

Seven kilometers along the ecological path and rest at the tourist halt - cadets of the Faculty of Militia spent the weekend in Naroch Park.

Cadets of the 2 "A" course passed along the route of unforgettable beauty. In the park, high hills alternate with lake basins, along the banks of water bodies coniferous forests. On the way, Lake Grublya, Grubelka, Miertvoe, the Stracha River met. The ecological path is equipped with observation platforms and rest areas, decorated with wooden sculptures. Help pointers and information signs help.

Guys amicably, helping each other, arranged a tourist parking lot, pitched tents and lit a fire. Songs for the guitar and competitions were not given to anyone to get bored.

- Such a holiday was remembered. Even the bad weather did not spoil it at all, - Nikolai Semenyuk shared his impressions. - I'm sure that joint trips, even short ones, really unite the team. And before the session, active rest is the best way to gain strength.