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Day of National Memory of Victims of the Great Patriotic War

Several events were timed to coincide with the cadets of the Police Faculty on the Day of National Memory of Victims of the Great Patriotic War.

Three of these are meetings with witnesses of events. Prisoner of the concentration camp "Ozarichi" Nella Ivanovna Zueva told the children about many things: about the horrors of the war, about inhuman conditions of detention in the camp, about the value of life.

The complex of German concentration camps "Ozarichi" was located on the territory of Domanovichi district of Polesskaya region (now Kalinkovichi district of Gomel region) and consisted of three camps. Most often the complex was called "Ozarichi death camp". It contained, according to various sources, up to 50,000 Soviet citizens. Among them, thousands of patients with typhus. Every day, up to a hundred people died in the camp. The total number of deaths in the "Ozarich" fluctuates around twenty thousand...

The penetrating story of a witness of the torment of thousands of old people, disabled women and children, did not leave the cadets indifferent. As the boys and girls confessed, everyone had a shiver from the terrible memories of the war.

Waiting for cadets of the Academy to visit and a veteran of the Great Patriotic War Pavel Pimenovich Biryukov. In a cozy home atmosphere, he shared his story with the youth.

Pavel Pimenovich was born in Bryansk, but spent most of his life in Belarus. The Great Patriotic War did not allow him to become an engineer - he was called to the front. In March 1943, he served in the 281st anti-aircraft artillery regiment. In the fighting in the 3rd Belorussian Front, the whole of Belarus passed, liberated Smolensk, Orsha, Borisov, Grodno, Minsk. I reached Koenigsberg. On the account of the veteran a huge number of awards - vivid evidence of his personal courage, valor and honor. Among them, the Order of the Patriotic War, medals "For Military Merit", "For the Taking of Königsberg", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", five thanks to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

After the war, Pavel Pimenovich stopped in Kolodishchi, where he still lives. More than 40 years he worked at the radio center, was awarded the title of "Honorary radio operator". Almost two decades, Pavel Biryukov heads the Kolodischanskaya veteran organization. He takes care of a small farm and calls never to sit idly by. By the way, the veteran is 93 years old.

Visiting veteran Tamara Alekseevna Zavgorodnaya traditionally visited the activists of the "primary" BRSM Academy. As the secretary of the primary organization Antonina Borshchun noted, the veteran is happy to communicate with cadets, tells them about military events and their work in a police college - she directed a special library of the Minsk Higher School of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Tamara Alekseevna, a retired senior lieutenant, was the radio operator of the southern task force for guiding partisan brigades of the Orel region, an inspector of the encryption department of the central headquarters of the partisan movement in Moscow. The veteran was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree, the medals "For Courage", "For Military Merit", "Partisan of the Patriotic War" II degree, "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945".