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Wed, Dec

Students Сrammed a Disco for World No Tobacco Day

A disco dedicated to the World Day without Tobacco and a Healthy Lifestyle was organized for the cadets of the Police Department at the Minsk-Arena ICCS.

It's no secret that working days require a well-organized holiday on weekends. Here and cadets for a while have postponed books to plunge into atmosphere of music, dances and competitions. The idea to hold a disco all the guys met with great joy. The course management supported the initiative, and after a detailed discussion of where and how the event will take place, cadets of the 2nd "A" course sent invitations to various universities in Minsk. Students from the Belarusian State Medical University, the Minsk State Linguistic University and the Belarusian National Technical University came to the festival.

Disco was not just to amuse its participants, but also to become a memorable thematic event, a platform for exchanging views on the fight against smoking and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Representatives of medical specialties took special care of these topics. Future doctors are sure: health is an invaluable asset not only for every person, but for the whole society.

The opinion of smoking was shared by cadet 2 "A" of the course of ordinary militia Maxim Lokis:

- It is important - to carry out activities dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I have been playing sports since my childhood and have never smoked in my life. It is a pity that not all young people who do not want to fight a bad habit can be proud of this.

All good things come to an end sooner or later, and the disco did not become an exception to the rules. The music subsided, the light went out, the young people went home. Dancing, of course, a little tired, but the charge of positive provided for a long time.

Dmitry Peterburtsev, Daniil Goreva, 2 "A" course.
Photo by Daniil Gorevoy