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Sun, Oct

Year of a Small Homeland: Cadets Visited the Heart of Europe

Cadets 2 "A" of the course had a good weekend, and now on the map of their excursions a new place is designated - the ancient city, the cradle of the Belarusian statehood of Polotsk.

The city stores many stories and monuments associated with monastic associations of various faiths. In Polotsk there are the buildings of the Epiphany Monastery, the former possessions of the Jesuit order, the monastery buildings of the Bernardines and Franciscans.

The excursion began in the Polotsk Savior-Euphrosyne monastery, which was founded by the monasticism of the Polotsk princess Euphrosyne. The guide shared many historical facts, drawing attention to the famous Cross-Ark of the work of the master jeweler Lazar Bogshi.

Cadets walked through the entire architectural complex of the monastery, which includes the Transfiguration Church, Holy Cross Cathedral, the gate-bell tower with a residential monastic corps, residential, industrial and subsidiary premises. In the center of the monastery complex is the Transfiguration Church.

The next point of the excursion was a monument to the famous Belarusian first printer - the monument is located in Skorina Square, in the heart of the city. Passing along the central avenue, the guys lingered near the commemorative sign "Polotsk - the geographical center of Europe". It is depicted in the form of the northern hemisphere of our planet with a map of Europe, on which its center is designated.

Cadets also visited the House of Peter the Great. The building is built in the Baroque style, one-storeyed, in the form of an irregular rectangle, decorated with ornaments - carvings. The windows are decorated, the main and front facades.

Guests from the Academy also visited the monument to the heroes of the Russian war of 1812, the Jesuit Collegium, built in 1580 by the order of the King of Poland Stefan Batory and is a monument of Baroque architecture of the XVIII century. The final part of the trip was a visit to St. Sophia Cathedral.

An excursion to the shrines and historical places of Polotsk was remembered as an interesting and eventful event. It is rest and at the same time enrichment of knowledge, - the cadet 2 "A" of course Dmitry Tsigel considers. "Walking through the ancient streets of the city, we felt the full power of the connection of times and plunged into the amazing atmosphere of one of the largest centers of culture of our country.

Dmitry Peterburtsev, Daniil Goreva, 2 "A" course.
Photo by Dmitriy Peterburtsev